What is your League Of Legends MMR?

Find out what your League of Legends MMR is down below with our LoL MMR Calculator. Your MMR may give you information about your League of Legends account that you not knew about.

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What is LoL MMR?

MMR is the ranking system based on how good you are as a player based on you and other players. By having a MMR system in place, you can play against people at the same skill bracket (mostly then). MMR systems are pretty popular and is used in a wide verierty of things, like chess or age of empires.

In League Of Legends, MMR is calculated to see what rank you are and how much League Points you earn each game. The lower the League Points the lower the MMR is based on other people at the same rank.

By Checking your MMR you may realise some critical information about your account. Maybe your account is pretty stuck or maybe it only looks like it. You can always buy a smurf account to get a higher MMR faster. Because Fresh accounts have Fresh MMR.

How to check your MMR in LoL?

At the moment there are no offical ways to check your LoL MMR. Luckily some big websites gathered together to save all games played in League of Legends to calculate the average mmr of players in your rank and the mmr you likely have based on wins/losses and your LP gain.

How to increase your MMR in LoL?
You can increase your winrate by playing League of Legends. You do it by winning games. The more you win the higher your MMR gets. You can also decide to get into placements to a higher devision and dodge the games then play again to increase your MMR rapidly.
Why Nightsmurf MMR Calculator?

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