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30,000+ Blue Essence Unranked Smurf - EUW

Price: €3.99
Blue Essence: 30.000
Region: EUW
Rank: Fresh Unranked

Lifetime Warranty

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40,000+ Blue Essence Unranked Smurf - EUW

Price: €4.99
Blue Essence: 40.000
Region: EUW
Rank: Fresh Unranked

Lifetime Warranty

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50,000+ Blue Essence Unranked Smurf - EUW

Price: €5.99
Blue Essence: 50.000
Region: EUW
Rank: Fresh Unranked

Lifetime Warranty

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60,000+ Blue Essence Unranked Smurf - EUW

Price: €7.99
Blue Essence: 60.000
Region: EUW
Rank: Fresh Unranked

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Our lol smurf accounts comes with enough blue essence to buy 20+ champs

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Our lol smurf accounts are delivered instantly after the payment has been made in your mail

Lifetime Warranty

All of our accounts come with lifetime warranty, protected against bot bans


Why should you buy a smurf account?

It takes a regular League Of Legends player over 30 days to level up an account from level 1 to 30. Since you found out about, you don't have to worry about it. You will get your smurf account instantly in your mail and on our dashboard.

Cheap Smurf

Why would you want a smurf account?

If it is unclear whether you should buy a smurf account or not, this post should hopefully provide clarity on your decision.

There are many cases where you would like to get a smurf account. This could be for the sole reason to learn a champion while playing ranked without dropping your rank that you worked hard on. Most professional players or streamers own smurf accounts where they play on if they do not want to play their best; the main reason is to keep the process you have made on your main account. Smurf accounts provide a new start where you could catch up to what you have achieved or just simply enjoy the game for what it is.

A smurf account is not only meant to start a fresh start entering a different rank. League of Legends can be a difficult game, however, if you start over, you can achieve more than you reached before. There are cases where people are stuck on a rank where they cannot get out of. A fresh new start could spark a new experience, getting you further and helping you improve in the game.


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To buy a smurf account, you simply click “Buy Now” on any product we offer. After that, you follow the payment process. The moment you have completed the process, you will shortly after receive a mail including your new account credentials. Ready to play the game.

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Still not sure?

Here are some reasons to buy a lol smurf account

1. Feel like a pro

With a league of legends smurf you can play against people with longer ranks and you can destroy them easily on every champion!

2. Swap accounts

Maybe you lost a game on your main account and want to keep playing, you can switch on your smurf account and feel better after that game.

3. Play with your friends

Do you have friends in a different rank that you do? Play with them on your league of legends smurf account.

4. Practice New Champions

With a league of legends smurf you could practice new champions without losing any games on your main account.

5. Every pro has one

Every league of legends pro player has a smurf account to play on whenever he is not playing on his best or testing out new things.

6. It is cheap and Instant

With a smurf account from you could play directly, without wasting hours leveling.

Our League of legends Smurf Accounts

Why should you buy from us?

You have decided that it is time to buy a league of legends smurf account, you get the urge to destroy some kids in lower ranks and you want to start doing it now on a fresh level 30 league of legends unranked account. but... where should you buy it?

It is important to buy it from a source that offers you protection if something goes wrong, nightsmurf offers this protection. Our brand has been in the smurfing space for a long time, this means you get your league of legends account from a reputable source.

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