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Sun Aug 28 2022

Best League of Legends Discords For Smurfing

Looking to join a discord community to find new players to play with or to boost your ego with your games played? You are at the right place. We go into detail about the 10 best League of Legends smurfing discords and alternatives.

Why would you want to join an LoL discord community?

Joining a discord community could help you to find new friends and new people to play with. But a community offers more than that. A community is made for you to enjoy new experiences with new people. In League of Legends, there is a lot of toxicity. To prevent that from spreading to all the outskirts of the community there were discord communities made.

There are a couple of requirements we look at before we recommend you these servers:

  • Well-organized server with active members
  • Friendly moderator team
  • Active Looking for group
  • A place where you could improve your skill at League of Legends
  • Bonus: Giveaways & weekly/monthly events that the community could enter.

Best League of Legends Discords

1. Nightsmurf's discord server

It may sound exaggerated that we put ourselves first, but we believe we do our very best to make your experience on the server as good as it can ever be. Our LoL Discord server is mainly there to guide our customers with support, but we also do our occasional giveaway or event. Our server is active and daily messages are posted on different channels. Our server is growing rapidly and we are doing our best to make it a good experience for everyone. Our community is there to make new friends and to improve our customer service. We also give our players roles based on their rank and have different channels where everyone could speak and talk to each other. There is no toxicity in our channels allowed and we got a big moderator team to manage these issues. If you are interested I highly recommend joining this server.

2. Ego Players

Ego Players is a fun smurfing discord community with active members. The server generally exists for Europe-West players or Europe-East players. The Discord server is known for its kitty theme. Unique emotes and funny cat videos are easy to find here. There is always someone online to play with and there are often voice chats full of people that are playing. Recommend checking out

3. Turbosmurfs Discord Community

Turbosmurfs is the biggest League of Legends discord server dedicated to finding people to play with, and the server has monthly events where users can learn and improve in the game. This Discord server is rapidly growing and is one of the most active communities out there. The staff is friendly and is constantly trying their best to make it a fun experience for everyone. This server has one of the highest-ranked people in the server, which makes it super attractive for new members to join and find duo partners. This server will help out with your needs to grow as a League of Legends player or to grow socially.

4. League of Mentoring

This server has a heartwarming community. The server has a lot of active members that are committed to helping members to get better at the game. They coach members for free and everyone could become a coach if they are Diamond 3 or above. This server offers voice call coaching, replay reviews and general questions about the game. You could also use this server to find some dedicated players to play with.

5. Riot Kassadin's Discord server

The server has to be the top crown of dedicated smurf players. High elo toxic players are here super active. Talking trash to each other and showing off their high win-rate accounts. The server has a big player base and is often described as the loudest crowd out there. Most of the members from here are active Twitter users or fans of Riot kassadin's tweets. Looking to find good duo queue players without mental? This is the best place to find them…

6. Tarzaned Discord server

Tarzaned is a popular North America League of Legends streamer on the Twitch platform. He is an amazing jungle player that is also capable of coaching the best North American players to rise to the top of the ladder. This place is recommended for NA players to find a duo queue partner. The server has an active community with a lot of events. The server could be considered rather toxic.

7. Poro Nation

Poro nation is an ARAM-based discord community. ARAM itself is a fun game mode with random champions and has a competitive community surrounding it. In this server, you could find new partners to play ARAM with, but you can also find fun tournaments hosted by staff members with prize money or Riot Points awards. The server is filled with active voice channels and has an active memes section where you can read some fun memes about League of Legends.

8. Official League of Legends Discord Server EUW & EUNE

League of Legends has two 'official' servers where users can find an active community to find a duo partner. The server offers active voice channels and an active general chat where you could talk about League of Legends in general or ask for support. The server is well maintained by active staff members but does not regularly do events to keep the community active. If you look for an overpopulated server with loads of members to play together with, this must be the best one for you.

9. Rat IRL's Discord Community

Rat IRL is a famous Swedish League of Legends streamer. He is well-known for L9 and his champion Twitch. With his fame comes an enormous European-based community. In this server, you can find a smurf duo queue partner effortlessly, since the community is mainly based on smurfers. The server has active events and a big staff team leading the community within the right boundaries. This League of Legends smurfing discord is considered toxic.

10. A7 Coaching

Looking to become a better smurfer? This server offers free coaching to its members. A7 Coaching offers more than only coaching, it has a dedicated staff with amazing events in League of Legends and has an active looking-for group section. The server is mostly based on North American players and is considered toxic-free. The community is always helpful and is providing you with the best tools to become a good League of Legends player.

A little disclaimer. Smurfing Discord communities are often super toxic. We cannot guarantee that any of these servers are safe for work. This list was not based on best to worst. These are 10 options of servers you could join.

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