Our banrate is 0.01%. The bans that happen are banned often for scripting or other milicious software. But if you are the unlucky one... We will replace your account with a fresh new one.

Our accounts are of the highest quality. The accounts are made with care and love using good vpns and software to make it past riot security.

Ranked-ready means that the account is ready for ranked. Ranked is an gamemode were you play for ranks. To play this you need to be level 30. We don't want you to waste days leveling, instead play directly on a fresh account ready for ranked.

You will recieve your Account after you paid on our website, through our order page. You will be redirected to this page once the payment has been made. It could be that you have to wait before your payment is processed. Then you will recieve an email with more details about that.

Our accounts are completely fresh and Unranked, which means that there are no ranked accounts played on the account.


We accept the following payment methods: Stripe (Visa, sofort, sepa, alipay, giropay, amex ...)

Most payment providers process the payment instantly. Klarna and Sofort payments may take up to 3 days to process, Due to the fraudulent behaviour on their payment gateway.

Payment will be canceled and you will recieve an email about why the payment has failed.

PayPal does not allow microtransactions of grey area businesses such as ours.