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Sun Sep 26 2021

Welcome to nightsmurfcom

Welcome to nightsmurfcom.

At our shop you can purchase league of legends smurf accounts for all the various regions:

  • EUW
  • NA
  • EUNE
  • BR
  • LAS
  • LAN
  • RU
  • OCE

Our accounts are all unranked fresh mmr with level 30, ready to be played in ranked games.

Why you should buy a lol smurf account from

Trying to learn a new champion, or trying to get high elo quickly? this is your chance! with smurfs from you can reach your desired rank faster cleaner and better.

Play anything you want without losing lp on your main account, troll people be toxic, and have fun with your friends.

High elo League of Legends players owns smurfs as well so they can play for fun or play with friends, you should definitely try it out yourself.

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