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Sun Jan 23 2022

Smurfing in League of Legends

You’ve probably heard those phrases before in one of your League of Legends matches; “Oh, this guy is a f** smurf!”** or “Be careful, the enemy team has a smurf. Just play safe!”.

If you are not familiar with certain terms or just have started with League, it can be difficult to understand what’s going on or what’s they’re telling you. Well to answer that, you’ve come to the right article today. I’m going to explain exactly what a smurf is, why smurfing is a ‘thing’, and where you could buy one on this website!

Well… What is a smurf in League of Legends?

Smurfing in League is often referred to as a highly-skilled player that is playing on an alternate account or secondary account. A short example would be a Diamond IV player, playing on a secondary Silver II account against other silver players. This usually leads to the Diamond IV player convincingly winning most of their matches against the Silver II players. Another example would be if football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his team Juventus would be playing against Sunday League teams, who aren’t even professionals. There are dozen of examples of smurfing that occur as a competitive sports example.

Back to League of Legends. Nowadays, the term is being loosely used whenever someone is having a very good game or does something extremely good in the game. Some people look up player names before the game starts in champion select, and whenever someone has a high percentage win rate the person gets called out (positively most of the time) to be a smurf. It’s just One of those things that people do to check how likely it is that they’re going to win a match against their opponent. People like winning, so we can’t fault them for looking up statistics.

Why do people smurf in League of Legends?

Many people love smurfing and there are also many reasons why people smurf. Here’s a list of some of the many reasons that people have on playing on a smurf account:

  1. People are stressed from their normal rank in solo queue and want to have fun on a smurf account on a lower elo account.
  2. Practicing a role swap, and trying to practice on a lower elo account. Not willing to sacrifice elo on their main account.
  3. Playing together with a friend is lower ranked than the threshold.
  4. Practicing a champion in a lower-ranked match.
  5. Waiting out dodge timer (when a person leaves champion select, the person is awarded a 5-minute time-out).
  6. And many more points…

Smurfing is a common practice in League of Legends, but also in many other games where people would play on their secondary accounts for mostly the same reasons.

How do I spot a smurf account?

Most of the time, smurf accounts have extremely high win rates and their win rate is obviously indicative of how well the player could perform in the game. The higher the win rate, the higher their original elo might be. Smurfing players also often take champions that are very easy to carry with. Champions such as Kassadin, Twitch, and Kha’Zix are often champions that are taken to carry and win a lot of games. Smurfing players don’t come along with the party, they also do a lot with another high skilled player so they have an even higher chance of winning games. As many say, two are better than one! A famous practice is Master Yi – Taric or Twitch – Lulu / Kog’Maw – Lulu as a hyper carry enabler that will be unstoppable once getting a lot of gold in the game.

Eventually, when a player or duo players win a lot, they will be placed into a ‘smurf queue’. Well, you’re probably asking, what’s a smurf queue? Well, Riot Games wants to prevent high skilled players to be constantly playing against lower-skilled players. The lower-skilled players were often frustrated by the smurfing players in their lobbies, and that’s the main reason why it exists. Smurf queue is trying to put all smurfing players against each other, or at least with similar strength of opposition. The more smurfs you beat, the faster your MMR (matchmaking rating) rises. You could play with people that are five or six tiers below you, but still, have the same MMR rating due to the win rate!

Is smurfing illegal?

Technically, smurfing is illegal with an asterisk. It’s stated in the rules that smurfing is illegal, however, they can’t prevent you from obtaining and having a secondary account. And it’s mostly known that you can’t get banned from using a smurf account. A smurf account could get banned, but for several other reasons such as toxicity or griefing. It’s very safe to use a smurf account for your own needs if you behave, so no worries whatsoever.

Many professional players are also supportive of smurfing and have their own smurf accounts as well. Even the best of the best players have smurf accounts. Former Fnatic and now Astralis mid-laner Felix “MagiFelix” Boström in the LEC was notoriously known in high elo for having five accounts in the top 10 of the Europe West server. Many European challenger players respected his feats, despite its ‘breaching rules’. MagiFelix was never warned about the use of his accounts, and more so praised.

Smurfs are annoying to deal with… But you can learn from them!

As many people dislike to play against smurfs, it could also serve as a good learning experience on what you could do as a player to improve on the ladder. Smurfs are, after all, very skilled players and they have their original elo for a reason. Instead of being frustrated about one in a game, you could take it as a valuable lesson. Almost every single bit on what a smurf does, does he do better multiplicatively. You’d have to ask yourself: Why and how does he carry? That’s what makes League of Legends so beautiful, you have millions of possibilities, and decisions that you make are detrimental to successes to yourself and your own team. And maybe one day you could be ‘that’ smurf that dominates games too!

How to buy a smurf from this website?

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