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Sat Jun 11 2022

League of Legends smurfing tierlist for every role

League of Legends is an amazing game where a lot of people are trying to get the highest rank possible in the shortest amount of time, this is extremely difficult. With our tier list for League of Legends Smurfing, I can guarantee you that you will become a faster climber

If you don’t have the time to read the whole page these are the best champions per role to smurf with: Toplane: Riven, Jungle: Evelynn, Midlane: Katarina, ADC: Tristana, Support: Bard.

Toplane Smurf Tierlist

toplane smurfing tierlist League of Legends

This is the toplane tierlist for smurfing. Toplane is mostly about counter-picking, but if you need to pick a champion over and over again this would be a tier list that works for toplane.

We only going to talk about the S-tier champions, the builds will be displayed underneath these champions.


Riven is the best League of Legends champion to smurf with in the toplane, because Riven has a kit that contains hyper carry aspects such as item scale abilities and auto attacks, but also that you are able to control your lane with your abilities.

Riven can be played in multiple styles such as passive with your shield, aggressive with your q combo and even roaming with teleport.

Riven performs best on the sidelines, in team fights she can be the engager of the team, but split pushing would be more beneficial.

Riven Toplane Buildpaths.


Viego is an amazing new champion added to the game, you are basically able to play all the champions in one champion. Viego is amazing because you can go invisible and have unlimited sustain in the lane with your Q; when you are ahead you can destroy everyone easily.

Viego is best played as a bully champion that roams to help out his other laners. Viego is probably going to be nerfed a lot but will stay S tier forever since his kit is insanely hard to balance.

Viego Toplane Buildpaths.


Gwen is also known as another broken League of Legends character that has 2 ultimate abilities, one on her w and on her r. With her kit, you can 1v9, win lane and become a late-game monster.

The reason why Gwen is S tier is because her kit allows her to get out of sticky situations and kill the entire team with r (because your abilities heal you).

Gwen is best-played split pushing because you could duel multiple people at the same time. The only downside is that you need to reach late game to become overpowered.

Gwen Toplane Buildpaths.


Yone or better known as the better version Yasuo is also an amazing champion to pick to smurf with. His kit allows you to poke enemies, has great sustain and is able to 1v2 with ease.

Yone is a scaling champion that needs to play smart to win lane, in lower elo’s you can just run people down and kill them over and over again.

Yone is best played grouped with his team because his ultimate ability can be a game-changer.

Yone Toplane Buildpaths.

Buildpaths other tiers

Jungle Smurf Tierlist

jungle smurfing tierlist League of Legends

This is the jungle smurfing tierlist. This tier list has not changed a lot in the last few years, the only champions that got a lower position are Master Yi and Twitch jungle.


Shaco is an amazing jungler that is broken in low elo and strong in high elo, this champ is so versatile that it would always counter someone not only that you could play him ad or ap.

Shaco is by far the best jungler, because the champion is still strong when it falls behind, this champion is an assassin and should be played like one. Kills equals wins.

Shaco Jungle Buildpaths.


Kha’Zix has been a smurfing champion since its release, the champion does a lot of damage and can be an annoying bug to play against.

Kha’Zix is a great assassin that works well against squishy team comps. Like Shaco the champion is an assassin so play like an assassin

Shaco Jungle Buildpaths.


Evelynn is the low elo destroyer, you are able to destroy entire teams with this champion (if you are ahead). Low elo never buys pink wards so you could just walk into them and kill them for free.

Evelynn is a great midgame champion that activates when she hit level 6. Gank through the lane to avoid pink wards.

Evelynn Jungle Buildpaths.


Karthus is the one and only champion that can one-shot people from the base. This champion is insanely good in higher elo’s an amazing in lower elo’s. You are able to turn around a fight with a single button

The goal with Khartus is to farm up and get as much gold as possible to build a lot of ap. He is squishy, but when he dies he will become unstoppable.

Karthus Jungle Buildpaths

Buildpaths other tiers

Mid Smurf Tier list

Mid smurfing tierlist League of Legends

This is the midlane smurfing tier list. As you can see there are a lot of champions you can pick. The reason behind that is that midlane is all about roaming and most of these champions can roam well or can catch people off guard.


Vladimir our favourite Russian. Vladimir has great power that can wipe out entire teams in the late game, but since recent, you can even one-shot enemies quickly.

Vladimir is a great late-game champion that is great for team fighting. The champion requires a lot of resources to become super strong, but this should be easy in the lower elo’s.

Vladimir Mid Buildpaths.


Katarina is by far the best assassin for midlane at the moment of writing this article. She can oneshot entire teams and can roam pretty easily.

Katarina is one of the only champions that is great in all phases of the game. She only struggles at level 1, if you can do this correctly you should be stomping their entire team quickly.

Katarina Mid Buildpaths.


Ekko is another assassin that is great for midlane. Ekko can clear waves quickly and has a button that directly removes the mistake they made.

Ekko is a great midgame champion, when he unlocks his R he becomes a dangerous foe.

Ekko Mid Buildpaths.


Xerath is an amazing champion that can play safe and still be the carry of the game. Xerath long-range abilities can poke out any laner, and can even catch kills from other lanes.

Xerath is a strong midgame champion but requires a lot of resources to become broken. Play safe and steal kills, and win the game.

Xerath Mid Buildpaths.

Buildpaths other tiers

ADC Smurf Tier list

ADC smurfing tierlist League of Legends

This is the ADC smurfing tier list, as you can see there are 3 well-known adc smurf champions on top, there is one adc missing and that is Kai’sa, that is because she is nerfed to the ground lately.


Tristana is an amazing ADC that can one-shot people at level 2 for free. She is amazing with champions such as Lulu, Nami, Janna or Yuumi

Tristana is a late game ad carries because she scales well and her range scales also. She is best played grouped with their team or split pushing with their support

Tristana ADC Buildpaths.


Twitch is a super strong AD carry that scales well into the late game. Lately, people have been playing him with AP since this build is stronger. AD build is way more fun, but if you go for a high win rate you should definitely play him AP.

Twitch is a late-game hyper carry this means that you play slow all game and catch some kills here and there before you can pop off. Play Twitch smart with your invis and will catch people off guard.

Twitch ADC Buildpaths.


Draven is the strongest ADC laner out there, you can throw axes and gain gold by catching them (after a kill course)

Draven is early to midgame carry, this means you need to play aggressive and win lane hard to become a super overpowered ADC for the midgame. Try to farm well and catch kills with your passive gold income.

Draven ADC Buildpaths.

Buildpaths other tiers

Support Smurf Tierlist

Support smurfing tierlist League of Legends

This is the support smurfing tierlist. The S tier is based on roaming capability and usefulness in-game.


Bard is by far the best support for smurfing, his kit allows him to roam across the entire map from every angle, this could be great as a second jungler. Don’t make your ADC mad when you leave too often.

Bard is an all-game carry, you build him tanky or ap and just cc them to death. With the recent changes, you can build a lot of ability haste and make your ult only 30 seconds cooldown and your q only 4 seconds this makes this champion extremely broken

Bard Support Buildpaths.


Thresh the god of hooking, When you can hook well you will win games! This champion is extremely strong in higher elo’s because people follow up in lower ranks it would be better to pick blitz instead.

Thresh is an all-game carry and is useful when you hit your hooks and get your team fed to win the game. Your goal is to keep your team safe and catch people off guard.

Thresh Support Buildpaths.


Senna is a great champion if you want to carry from a support role. Your goal is to catch as many passive stacks as possible and become a pain in the ass for the enemies.

Senna is mid to late-game carry that scales from items and her passive. If you can poke enough you will become stronger than your ADC in no time.

Senna Support Buildpaths.

Buildpaths other tiers


Every champion can become a great carry for your team, often the player decides whether a champion is good or bad. This list is based on personal preferences and champions I have used to climb the rankings in the last 7 years.

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