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Sun Aug 28 2022

Insane League of Legends Smurf Names To Use

When you buy or level up an account to smurf in League of Legends you may want to be a unique smurfer with a unique League of Legends summoner name. A unique name can make you stand out in your matches and make you feel better when you destroy the enemy team. That's why we will help you on your journey to get the best name in League of Legends.

How to find a unique summoner name

First, you need to think about how you want to come across in-game. There are multiple ways you may want to come across. You can be the toxic guy with the toxic in-game name that taunts the enemy team, or you may want to come across as a polite guy, a pro or a funny guy.

When you obtained your way of coming across in-game you can think of what champion you play or what role you play in League of Legends. You may want to associate your summoner name with a champion or with a role. Examples could be Top Dunker (Associates Darius with Top-lane) or 'Com' From Bot (Associates with Botlane). To help you out we got a list of every type of summoner name.

Toxic League of Legends summoner names

A short list of examples you could use to be the toxic guy in the game. These names may end up hurting you in-game because it taunts your team or your enemies in multiple ways! These names are examples of using the above steps how to find a unique summoner name.

  • ReformedBotlane
  • kkk
  • GodFister
  • Babooshka
  • AltF4
  • Astro
  • HideYourBush
  • ChildFondler
  • (Summoner name) v2
  • AlmostBannedAgain
  • MaybeNextTime

With these examples, you may find your match! You can use these names in the game, but they may not be available. You could use unique characters in the name to make the name available for you. Since League of Legends sees unique characters as another letter.

Polite League of Legends Summoner Names

A polite summoner name makes a team member feel more comfortable asking questions or being more motivated to play with you. Since toxic names may scare your teammates away, a polite one may keep your team more at ease and more focused. This is the case for botlane. You don't wanna know how toxic it can get if you have a bad summoner name.

  • OneLove
  • WeStickTogehter
  • SitOnYuumi
  • iWillSupportYou
  • BetterLuckNext
  • HelpMeOut
  • DrunkLove
  • DefintelyNotMad
  • BestFriendsUwU
  • OwO UwU OwO
  • WinAsFive
  • HonorLevel18

With these examples, you may become the politest member of your team. Help your team out with a good mental summoner name and let us win the game together as 5.

Pro League of Legends Summoner Names

Want to look like a pro? Then use one of these summoner names. These summoner names are based on pro player e-sport teams or League of Legends terms that make you look and feel better in the summoner's rift.

  • C9 [Your Name]
  • SKT T1 [Your Name]
  • TSM [Your Name]
  • G2 [Your Name]
  • FNC [Your Name]
  • Rank 1 [Champion]
  • Challenger Smurf
  • Master Smurf
  • Grandmaster Smurf
  • I Rekk les
  • I Caps you

With these examples, you can look like a pro in League of Legends. The only thing you need is your skills and then you can dominate the ranked ladder.

Funny League of Legends Summoner Names

Let us not forget the funny league of legends names. So what is considered funny depends on your taste in humour. You can use famous people's names and make jokes about them or you could make fun of your teammates, enemy or even yourself. Become the middle point of your team.

  • Jizz
  • Adolf Nitler
  • Enemy is Racist
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Wait For Me
  • 19 [age] 181 [length] 21 [other measurement]
  • One Punch Man
  • Walterdinger
  • Mom's Spaghetti
  • Not Yet 18
  • Barely Underaged

Did you find a funny name? I surely hope so! If none of those amuses you. You could use your favourite artist, actress or p*star and use those names with a funny turn into them. Here are some examples: Kayne North , iLoveSeverus or Ivern Khalifa.

Still, looking for a summoner name?

Maybe you could use a summoner name generator or check in a list to find soon-to-be free usernames. An example of a site that could do this for you is LolNames. This site specializes in finding the best summoner name for you!

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