Affiliate Program

Earn money with your influence! Do you have a Discord server, YouTube channel, Instagram page, Telegram server, TikTok profile or Twitter profile and want to earn some money?

It is now possible with our affiliate program. Every purchase made by an customer of yours equals money. We pay up to 75% of the profit share!

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What do you get?

Are you an influencer? Then you can make some money. On every sale make through our site, you earn a percentage of the profit share. We also give free lol smurf accounts for you to give away to your community and help you out with some free promotion on our site!

Coupon Codes

You will recieve a coupon code which you can share to your community.

Free Smurfs

Receieve free smurf accounts for your streams, events or giveaways.

Shared Revenue

For each account sold using your coupon or link you will earn money.

How does it works?

Apply for the program

Start out by filling out the form below to apply for the program, we will get back to you within 24 hours regarding if you have been accepted or not.

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